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Our Product

How We Make It


Latex foam is made from the sap of the rubber tree. Botanicore™ sleep system cores are produced using a version of the time tested Dunlop process for making latex. This is a truly green manufacturing method — so if you’re looking for an eco or natural mattress, this is it!

Our Dunlop-like process yields a finished core that’s durable to the hilt and consistent in feel — never lumpy, squishy, or firmer in some areas than others. To boot, Botanicore™ is more resistant to body impressions than mattresses made through other latex processing techniques.

You get to enjoy years of quality sleep.


Quality You Can Feel


Unlike some manufacturers, we bake our latex in a mold unique to each mattress size — one for Twin, one for Full, one for Queen, et al. This means our cores are all one piece — no seams, ever, and no glue to hold together pieces and parts. This gives your mattress an even, uniform surface feel — ideal for restful sleep.

How We Test It


We’re not only mattress people, we’re mattress scientists. Once baked, each Botanicore™ sleep system core is rigorously tested across many surface points to ensure a predictable, uniform firmness. Each core is assigned a Core Number to allow for cataloging and tracking of finished products. We do our due diligence so you can sleep easier.

Consistently Comfortable Sleep, Every Night


Our latex mattress cores are built to last. When value matters as much as comfort, you can’t afford to sleep on anything else.

Start the search for your perfect mattress here at Bedrooms & More. Every mattress we sell is two-sided and features Botanicore™, the world’s best mattress core.