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Introducing Botanicore™, the all botanical latex foam mattress core that transforms your sleep (& the world).

Botanicore™ is the center of the world’s most comfortable and consistent earth-friendly mattresses. Get Botanicore™ and get some good sleep already.

We’re mattress people. Helping people sleep better has been our life’s work for 46 years and counting. Naturally, we’ve searched the world over for the best mattress materials available.

What we’ve found: the most desirable mattress feel comes from the simplest manufacturing method.

We begin with all botanical latex, 100% from the rubber tree. Then we whip up, wash, and bake our latex in individual mattress molds that ensure the most consistent feel, through and through.

What you get: an extremely durable, extravagantly comfortable, earth-friendly mattress core that stays consistent and supportive over time.

Botanicore™ makes pure rest possible — from the center of your mattress to the world. You, sleeping better, makes the whole world a happier place.

Learn more about what makes our mattress cores extraordinary.