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Botanicore™, the all botanical latex mattress core, is made with care by mattress people.

With over 46 years in the mattress and bedding business, we’ve tried many different types of latex cores. Through trial and error, we’ve come to the conclusion that the most desirable combination of components is actually the simplest — an all botanical latex core (NO synthetic latex) made through a process closely resembling the tried-and-true Dunlop method.

Is ‘Natural’ Latex Actually Natural?

In recent years, the latex market has become increasingly confusing. Product quality has become more inconsistent. False promises and fluffed-up marketing stories have resulted in disappointed customers who don’t know what to believe or whom to trust.

Allow us to demystify.

These days, latex cores are often referred to as ‘natural’ because they have some degree of natural content — while they also have chemical content cleverly disguised through creative naming. Mattresses are being referred to as ‘latex mattresses’ when they have any percentage of latex content.

This is a sham.

Botanicore™ Keeps It Real

Botanicore™ was born to help buyers distinguish quality in a sea of disingenuous marketing.

With Botanicore™, you can be assured you’re sleeping on a core made from earthly materials — no petroleum or solvents, so you can breathe easy.

To explore mattresses made with this exemplary core, visit Bedrooms & More, our brick and mortar and e-commerce store.